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How many calories are in a glass of wine?

That depends. Sweet wines will have the most calories, averaging 130 calories per 5 oz. glass. Drier wines come in at 90-110 calories per 5 oz. glass.

Do you have tours?

Covid-19 has changed the way we operate, especially in our manufacturing and bottling areas.

Please call to inquire about tours. (479) 468-6400

I just want to taste some wine!

Our retail store has a tasting bar which is open during retail hours. We offer a $5 tasting flight, as well as wine by the glass in The Trellis Room, our restaurant area. No reservation is needed for fewer than six guests, larger groups must arrange tasting times by calling (479) 468-6400.

You must be 21 to taste or buy wine in Arkansas. No wine will be served to intoxicated persons. 

What are Muscadines? 

Muscadines (vitis rotundifolia) are native to the American South, and have a distinctive aroma and flavor unlike other wine grape varieties. Wines made from Muscadines are described as grapey, cotton-candylike, fruity, piney, even ambrosial.  POST’s are finished in a sweet style. POST makes 100% Muscadine juices as well as four Muscadine wine styles. The most popular is our Red Muscadine, followed by blue Parachute, a softer, juicier Riesling-styled white.

Is your wine gluten-free?


How many grape varietals does Post grow?

We have grown some varieties for over a hundred years. Campbell’s Early, once used for red table wine, is a fresh-eating grape we still grow. Most of our wine grapes come from Ives, Niagara, Cynthiana, Seval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Delaware and two new University of Arkansas varietals, Enchantment and Opportunity. The bulk of our vineyards is now planted in several Muscadine (vitus rotundifolia) varieties.

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