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We’ve grown grapes in our river valley since the 1870’s, when this area of Arkansas was settled with Europeans whose ways included a daily glass of wine. We’ve made local wines ever since, from American grape varietals such as Niagara, Cynthiana, Ives and Delaware. Shifts in winemaking technology in the 60s and 70s allowed Post’s winemakers to greatly improve their table wine offerings. Muscadine wine, once thought to be near impossible to make into a palate-pleaser, became a focus for the mid-south grape grower.

Matt Post planted the first commercial Muscadine vineyards on the Altus plateau in 1970. Western Arkansas is thought to be the edge of the growing area for Muscadines; the stress on the vines has also produced superior fruit. You will enjoy both the 100% Muscadine grape juices and our signature wines, the full-fruit Muscadines. Blue Parachute, a light and refreshing d’asti-style beverage, is a world class Muscadine wine made exclusively at Post Winery.


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POST WINES are available at our retail store in Altus, or ask at your favorite Package Store or select Grocery in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee or southern Missouri. We will have limited distribution in Iowa and Illinois soon.

As of October 2020 our Direct-to-Consumer shipping options are limited to these states: Arkansas, Missouri, California, Florida and Minnesota. Call for shipping options and rates: (479) 468-6400.

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